Dealing with discomfort

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Here are some home remedies we recommend to players dealing with aches and pains that you can adopt, at home.

● Epsom salt baths — Pour the salt into warm, running water, and soak for at least 15 minutes.

● Foam rolling — If you don’t have a foam roller, use a basketball. You can use golf balls or tennis balls, too.

● Stretches — While you’re watching the game or laying on the couch, there’s a lot you can do to elongate your muscle tissues.

● Ice and heat — Don’t have cold packs at home? You can use frozen bags of food. For hot compresses, try a towel warmed in the dryer or wrung out after submerging in hot water.

● Avoid prolonged positions — When you stop blood flow to an area in your body, like when you sit for a long time, you bring on aches and pains. If you’re working from home, find reasons to stand and stretch. Walking to the kitchen for a glass of water is a great reason.

● Pay attention — If you’re working through pain and discomfort, try focussing on the painful area. The stretches that help the most might feel the most resistant at first.

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